Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 18 ~ Eli Whitney & Tennessee

We are moving right along with week 18!

This week we introduced a new name for Jesus, Lamb of God!

We added the picture to our poster and read John 1:26-29!  Then we read the story of the Pharaoh and plagues in Exodus 12:1-30.  After reading Exodus, we discussed the celebration known as Passover.  Remembering the lamb, its blood, and how it saved the people from death when the angel of darkness passed over Egypt!

Our character study this week was the trait initiative!

We added a picture of a ballot to our timeline!  Since Moses could not go into the new land, he took the initiative by asking God for a replacement!  Joshua, also a man of initiative, was chosen!  {Numbers 27}

Definition:  Do what I can to help!
Bible Verse:  Isaiah 6:8
Trait Poem:  Jesus counts on me to do
The things He'd like to do for you.
Jesus counts on you to see
The kind of things He'd do for me.
Jesus counts on us to know
The ways of love He'd like to show.
Trait Slogan:  Hop to it!

We had a fun week this week in Science!

We learned about living and non-living things.  To re-enforce what we learned, we took a look at Genesis 1!  Mini-Me folded her paper in half, and labeled one half Living and the other Non-Living!  As I read Genesis 1 to her, she added the things to the proper columns!  Then she illustrated her paper.  She tells me, "Mom, I was embarrassed, so this is Adam and Eve AFTER they ate from the bad tree.  I didn't want to draw them naked!"  What a relief that was for me!

Then we learned about plant and animal cells!

We made a simple model of a plant cell using jello!  The plastic baggie was the cell membrane.  We pushed a grape into the center to represent the control center of the cell {nucleus}, and we put skittles and peanuts in there to represent the organelles!

Then we enjoyed a yummy science snack!  {If you use skittles, you will want to throw it away afterwards.  The jello completely dissolves the skittles and you will have a soupy mess in your refrigerator!  I don't know how I would know that....} 

To wrap our our science for the week, we learned about bacteria!

We put some milk in jars, and we labeled them so Daddy wouldn't try to drink them!  One we put back in the fridge, and the other we sat on top of the fridge!  Everyday for the next 7 days, Mini-Me will smell them and record her findings! 

She checked them on day one and noted no change!  They smelled a tad like spaghetti sauce, but I am sure if a few days she won't be so lucky!

She really enjoyed reading this book this week for science, and now would like a microscope of her own!  We will have to add that to our wish list! {after the ipad, of course!}
In History this week, we learned all about Eli Whitney!

Mini-Me really got into learning about Mr. Whitney!  She read the Eli Whitney chapter book all the way through this week as I put Little Man down for his naps!

To understand the importance of the cotton gin, we glued tiny green pieces of paper {seeds} in a few cotton balls earlier in the week.  Then Mini-Me had to work as fast as she could to pull out the seeds without taking much cotton!  It all had to be picked out by hand before the invention of the cotton gin!

It was hard to pull out just the seeds!  We ended up pulling out about half of the cotton ball with the seeds!  No wonder cotton was so expensive before the invention of Mr. Whitney!  It was hard work!

We put together a little page for Eli Whitney in our history notebook!  We put a picture of the cotton gin and a little according book about the life cycle of cotton onto the page as well.

Then we added a new state to our state study, Tennessee!

We added the state sheet to our notebook...

We really enjoy reading this book that we own for our state studies!  As I read about Tennessee, Mini-Me added different pictures to her state sheet.  Coon skin cap for Davy Crockett, music notes for the Grand Ole Opry, a bear for The Smoky Mountains, cotton candy was invented there, and a roller coaster for Dolly wood!  I just noticed, however, we forgot to put the capital of Tennessee on the paper!  Opps!

We also added a picture from the DrawWriteNow book!  It was scheduled last week, but I completely spaced it!

We are really enjoying our reader, Farmer Boy!  With only two chapters left, I am sure it will get finished this weekend!  We have been doing the components for the Farmer Boy lapbook, and putting them in an envelope as we complete them!  Mini-Me is excited to put the lapbook together once we are finished!

That wraps up our week 18!

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  1. Looks like a great week. Yummy looking science snack too!

  2. Another productive week for y'all! I'm going to have to check out those Draw Write Now books. They seem so neat!

    1. We really enjoy the DrawWriteNow books! I am hoping to be able to get the animal ones for next year! Hope you had a good week!

  3. We just started MFW Kindergarten! I'm excited by what I see you doing . . . it's great encouragement! Looks like a fun week.
    Barb - stopping by from WUH

    1. MFW has been such a blessing! It wasn't what we originally chose to use, but now I wouldn't trade it for anything!

  4. Sounds like a great week. Thanks for sharing

  5. Wow! Lots and lots of wonderful, hands-on activities! How fun! Great visual with the Jell-o and "picking cotton". We LOVE Draw Write Now around here! It's a great program that combines art and handwriting, making an awesome keepsake at the end!

  6. HI my name is Christine, I found you through 1+1+1=1. We are new to homeschooling and I'm very interested in using MFW in the fall for kindergarten. How do you like using MFW? I really think I will need a little structure in our curriculum, for me. I like your site! You have some great ideas!
    I would love for you to visit my site!


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