Thursday, September 1, 2011

Week 3 - Jamestown and Pocahontas

Join in the fun!

This week we learned about Jamestown and Pocahontas, finished our obedience character study, worked on our story, watched some movies, made some replicas, and more!

Here are the highlights from week 3!

We made a WWJD bracelet as we continued to learn about Jesus!
We also made a Jesus window hanging with crayon shavings.  It didn't turn out the way it was supposed to, but it still looks neat hanging in the window! 

We continued our character study and learning about the life of Moses.  We added a picture of Moses at the burning bush for the trait obedience. When God told Moses of His plan to bring the Hebrews out of Egypt, Moses didn't think he could do it.  Moses did it anyway because obeying God is always the right thing to do!

Our obedience mini-book to put in the character lapbook when we are done with the book!

Definition:  Doing what I am told
Bible Verse:  Proverbs 10:8
Trait Poem:  If I, just I, and not even two,
Did what I was supposed to do,
Then I would surely get a reward,
For showing such love to my wonderful Lord!
Trait Slogan:  Obey today!

We also have been working on our story!  I found some cute writing process printables here, and I put them in page protectors in a notebook, with pocket dividers in between each one to put her story in depending on where we are in the writing process!
Our Writing Notebook!  Isn't it cute!

Her drafting papers that have also been revised!

Here are the books we were able to get from the library on Jamestown and Pocahontas!

This is what she had to say about Jamestown!
'Jamestown was the first settlement.  The captain was John Smith.  Pocahontas saved John's live and took corn to Jamestown.  Men had ice cold water poured down their sleeve when they swore.' 
*note the drawing of Pocahontas walking to Jamestown carrying corn! : )

Here are some additional notebooking pages we made!

Drawings of a hunter and 'Pocahontas' from the DrawWriteNow book 3

I was also able to get my hands on these cute 30 minute movies about Christopher Columbus (from last week) and Pocahontas!  Mini-Me really enjoyed them!

We then made some replicas of a Powhatan long house and the Jamestown settlement! 
 I wasn't sure if Mini-Me would enjoy these, but she LOVED them!  She wasn't intimidated by all the cutting and folding at all!  It was fun! 
I found the longhouse replica here and the Jamestown settlement here (you have to download the sample lesson, it is the blue button on the left sidebar!)
Here are some pictures!

Folding and gluing the longhouse

Finished product!
~A Powhatan longhouse!~

Coloring the Jamestown base...
Cutting out all of the little components...
All done!
What's that?  Your history book didn't tell you Jamestown had a hot pink fence and neon green roofs on bright purple houses?  Oh gee, you better go do some research!  ; p

We also started reading the book Squanto every night!
The next morning, we go over what we read and put all the information on the story map!  (see my post on our schoolroom to get the link for the printable!)

We have also had a lot of fun with science!  It usually happens in the evenings, and usually Daddy does it with Mini-Me because I am running behind on laundry, dishes, know, all that horrible stuff! : )  Eventually I will find a routine! Needless to say, I haven't captured any science activities on camera yet, but we are enjoying it!  We have spent the last couple of weeks learning about air and doing fun experiments! 

We had a lot of fun this week!


  1. Thank you for the link to the writing process sheets. Way cuter than what we have in Annabelle's binder. Will update hers pronto!

    Our library has that same video series. Our favorite is the Helen Keller one. Make sure you watch it when you get to your study of AL.

    The story is coming along nicely. 3 chapters might not take as long as you think!!

    Still loving the trait idea. Must copy!

    Have a great day. We're off for a field trip to the zoo with another family today to "meet" the new lion's going to be a royal celebration!

  2. Where did you get the longhouse and jamestown remake printables? Looks like a great week!! I am now following your blog via google reader!!

  3. I'm still several years away from pick a Kindergarten curriculum, but your blog is definitely making me consider Your Father's World. It looks like so much fun! Are you using it exclusively or are you supplementing reading/math/or anything else with other things?

  4. Okay, the Jamestown settlement was awesome! Maybe you could just send me all the cool stuff you find each week and I could just copy you?:) I really need to do more research! Thanks for sharing!

  5. My girls loved studying about Pocahontas. Your lapbook looks great! We used the Draw Write Now books last year and continue using them in ECC this year. Thanks for sharing your links to the Our Story Map. I am going to have to copy that great idea.
    Thanks for linking up. Kattie at will be hosting next Thurs linky.

  6. Love the lapbook and the writing process sheets. Looks like a great week.

  7. what a great week!!she looks like she is loving every moment!! my girls love lapbooks, too!

  8. Love the hands on stuff you do! Thanks for linking up and sharing :0)

  9. That longhouse and Jamestown replica are really neat! That is something I would have loved at that age too! I'm only on K right now, but I love seeing ideas for the future.


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